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Adult, Adolescent, & Child Psychotherapy, Marriage, Couples & Family Counseling, and Hypnotherapy.

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Our Office Locations


Morris County:         Flanders, Parsippany, Morristown, Long Valley, Florham Park

Sussex County:        Sparta

Hunterdon County:  Lebanon (Clinton area)

Union County:          Westfield


Our Locations Page lists the addresses and local phone numbers of the offices closest to you or use our Toll Free Number (800) 870-8790 or our Main Office Number (908) 852-1324 for all Locations.


The Right Therapist Makes the Difference

Let Us Match You With the Right Therapist


Choosing the right therapist during times of stress can be difficult.  We can help.  Our goal is to match you with a compassionate, highly qualified, experienced therapist, who has successfully treated others with similar problems.


Our Therapists and Services


Our therapists have successfully treated a variety of difficulties, such as:  anxiety, depression, childhood

concerns, teen issues, substance abuse, ADHD and ADD, relationship, marriage and family difficulties

and many other areas of concern


Our couples and marriage counselors have successfully treated issues, such as:  loss of love

and affection, jealousy, infidelity, communication difficulties and other relationship issues


Our hypnotherapists treat issues such as overweight, smoking, stress, phobias, self esteem, and other concerns.


Our Services page provides additional information about types of therapy we offer and concerns we treat, and our About Us page has more information about our therapists.

Fees & Insurance

Many medical insurance plans cover part of, or the entire, fee. Our therapists are in-network on many insurance panels. For more information, see our Choosing A Therapist page. We would suggest tjat you check your benefits so we can try to match you with a therapist in your plan. Fees may be adjusted on an individual basis with consideration for your circumstances, when you call our office.

Some patients choose to use out-of-network benefits or pay directly for their services, to increase their confidentiality, choose any therapist they want, and increase the number of visits available. Call our office so we can match you with a therapist, who fits your needs.

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